Insights - ideas are gold!

Consumer Insights Discovery 

OPTIMA are an insights-to-action' business and can make your business grow. 

Insights Drive Ideas for Business Growth 

With increasing pressure on delivering growth through new product innovation and sharper strategy, it’s no wonder ideas are considered a company’s greatest asset - but ideas are only as good as the insights that drive them. 
OPTIMA is dedicated to the discovery and application of Consumer Insights and specialise in training and coaching insights capabilities in others. Optima go beyond insight discovery to help your brands and businesses drive consumer insights into actionable ideas and consumer-preferred concepts leading to business growth 

Insights Discovery for Business - Insights Discovery Workshops and Insights Training 
Idea Generation - Dynamic, creative workshops that turn Inspiring insights into Bright Ideas 
Concept Crafting - Optima have a proven track record of creating research-ready concepts that truly resonate with consumers. 


OPTIMA are an ‘insights-to-action' business and we'd love to help your business grow. 

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"Kathy is a dynamic and strategic thinker. She excels in working with teams during the ideation process to draw out key insights and turn these into well crafted, consumer-engaging concepts. Not only did Kathy help keep large teams focused during group facilitation, she was able to bring a wealth of her own insight and experience to each project. This, coupled with Kathy's enthusiasm and bright personality not only achieved great outcomes, but also made for a pleasurable working relationship." 
Anthony Ho 
former Global Marketing Controller 
Tetley Tea, GB